Differentiating a fuckboy from a good boy

Differentiating a fuckboy from a good boy

When I am dating, I love the early stages when a new guy or girl is texting you and you are both arranging dates. What I hate is at any moment I could be left wondering if they are actually into me or not. I am sure a lot of us recognise the feeling of [...]


6 tips for starting a long distance relationship

If you saw my excitement of a new partner post, this might be a bit of a giveaway that I am currently in a relationship. I'm not going to be one to blast on social media about it because I can be quite private about that and like to keep my blogging life and social life [...]

The excitement of a new Partner

If you have read some of my other relationship posts, you will know that I am single as fuck and have forgotten how to date. Whenever anything comes along it is always a little exciting yet terrifying at the same time - I don't know if many others can relate? I have a love/hate beat [...]

My love/hate relationship with dating apps

Online Dating, I love to hate it. How do most people find partners nowadays? I know that a lot of people meet online in contemporary society. How do people do the whole dating thing in person? I certainly don't know how to. This is why I do the tedious job of swiping left or right [...]

Life update #4 | I’ve forgotten how to date

Not too long long ago I deleted all dating apps off my phone. I believed that I was getting nowhere from using Tinder and HER and that I was fine meeting people when out. However my social life has reached a dead end and I find myself not going out as much and meeting new people so I [...]

30 thoughts students have in their final term at Uni

If you do not already know from my previous posts, I am a University student and I am currently in my final semester and will be graduating in a few months. I am absolutely bricking it. I, as well as others on my course, and most probably all uni students have all thought the same [...]

Why I have deleted all dating apps from my phone

At some stage in most peoples lives, someone will have used an Internet dating website or app. I love a good app, and I love being social, so combining the two and making dating apps was something that I loved. Now, I am quite extraverted and have no problems talking to a guy or girl [...]

12 things every bisexual girl hears

Coming to terms with sexuality can be a really important thing for teenagers and adults alike. It can be a moment of pride when coming to terms with your sexuality and there is nothing worse than people questioning your sexual orientation and/or identity. When I come out to people I am often met with questions [...]