Settling into a new town whilst starting University

When I first moved to University I was terrified. I was scared about who I would be living with, where I would be living and how I would get on with my course. I remember being worried also about getting to and from places and getting used to the town that I would be living [...]

blogging routine

My blogging routine

I have been blogging for seven months and have reached a stage where I find myself doing something blogging related almost every day of the week. If I am not thinking of new post ideas or taking photographs I am engaging on my social media platforms instead. It has become a dedicated obsession and I [...]

5 ways to stay organised at University

I will hold up my hands and admit that I am never the most organised student on the planet. However, as I am in my final year of education I have learnt the do's and don't with staying organised in order to achieve the best that you can. As it is exam season and deadlines [...]