Focusing too much on numbers?

My blog is a huge hobby of mine and has been for months now. I have no intention of making a career from it like others and I certainly could not do that. Although numbers are not fundamental to a future career in blogging I still celebrate my own achievements."Blogging is not all about the [...]


30 thoughts students have in their final term at Uni

If you do not already know from my previous posts, I am a University student and I am currently in my final semester and will be graduating in a few months. I am absolutely bricking it. I, as well as others on my course, and most probably all uni students have all thought the same [...]

20 things I’ve learnt by 20

I came across old baby photos this week and started thinking about how close I am to turning 21. Turning 18 is a big deal in England -you're now an adult. I really do not think that I am an adult, I still feel like a child. I never wanted to turn 20, 19 was [...]

Things that I am grateful for

I feel like there are many things in life that I take for granted and need to appreciate more. I'll be honest, sometimes I become obsessed with thinking 'I need to schedule blog posts' and 'I have to work on my assignments'. I have only had this blog for a month whilst I write this [...]

Life update #1 | University and Dating

Considering I am a personal lifestyle blogger I felt that I needed to publish more personal blog posts on my life, I haven't really done this yet. I am a frequent reader of 'life update' posts and enjoy reading posts about people's life so thought I should join the club. Recently I have started my [...]

My 2017 Fitness Goals

I have had a love/hate relationship with healthy living throughout University. I went through phases of working out and eating healthy and then to just stop and eat really rubbish again and not move at all. It was until I had a runners job working for a television company that I realised how incredibly unfit [...]