My summer favourites

With the change of a season comes a change in favourites. I have noticed that I am using different products, watching new programmes, and finally am getting round to reading again, so I thought I'd round up a summer favourites post. Reading I cannot remember the last time I started a fiction book. For three [...]

things to do when you're a homebody

Things to do when you’re a Homebody

I'll put my hands up and say that I spend an awful lot of time indoors. At the point of writing this post I am sitting in my bedroom at 9AM on a Wednesday when most people will be out working. I work at the weekends at the moment so have Monday to Friday pretty [...]

Getting my eating habits back on track

I am usually a health nut and eat fruit and veg every day, cook most of my meals and eat really well. However, for a while I have been gaining weight. I spoke about binge eating in my alcohol break and I haven't really gotten out of this bad habit and it has been about three [...]