Why I have deleted all dating apps from my phone

At some stage in most peoples lives, someone will have used an Internet dating website or app. I love a good app, and I love being social, so combining the two and making dating apps was something that I loved. Now, I am quite extraverted and have no problems talking to a guy or girl at the bar or speaking to people in the smoking area of clubs (even though I don’t smoke) but for those who are a little more reserved I totally get that dating apps and websites are the ideal for those who don’t necessarily put themselves out there.

Don’t get me wrong, I have met some people on dates and have enjoyed experiences I have had through Tinder and HER but the cons far outweigh the pros for me. Online dating does have its pitfalls and here are some of my thoughts that I have found that has made me delete the apps altogether.


Who messages anymore?

You match and then they don’t message you or you don’t message them. We’ve both indicated that we find each other attractive so why is there no communication?

The messages that you do get are gross

“Wanna come over? ;)” Sorry but I am not interested in leaving the comfort of my own home to go to your place for a one night thing without having a genuine conversation with you first.

Constant messaging without me replying surely indicates something, right?

If you keep messaging me all soppy stuff such as “You have really beautiful eyes”, “Let me take you out”, “You’re so beautiful” and then I don’t reply which leads to that person then saying “Helloooo?”, “I know this is too forward but…” Yes it is too forward and I haven’t responded because I am not interested. I can’t be dealing with your mild harassment, leave me alone please!

There isn’t ever any chemistry with anybody

Now, I have enjoyed having my boredom cured by swiping left and right and chatting but most conversations ultimately die after a few exchanges and if you do meet up with somebody the likelihood is it won’t happen as often as you expect. I genuinely can’t have chemistry with someone online without meeting them in person.

I’m bored of the dead end conversations

*match, communicate, conversations last about two-three days if you’re lucky and then nothing.* This tends to be a common routine and I’m kind of bored of wasting my time with people I am not communicating with in real life when I am using a “dating app”. I’m not dating anybody; I’m just messaging for a few days and then it dying. This isn’t dating for me.

You actually end up going on a date with somebody

I have actually met people from the app but because we have met through a dating app there is always the thought process that they’re seeing someone else and/or messaging loads of other girls or guys. When is the appropriate time to delete the dating apps on your phone when you’re seeing someone? Is it needed? Aren’t they going to still be on the apps for a while?


You think you’re genuinely having an alright time with somebody and then all of a sudden you or them ghost. Now, I will hold my hands up and say that I am guilty of this but even so when it happens to you, you’re all of a sudden like hold up what did I do? One day you’re being told how amazing you are and then all of a sudden… Ghost, nothing. I don’t know if this is pivotal more so with Internet dating or not but it can be common. Does anyone actually have successful long lasting relationships that have begun on Tinder? If so, hats off to you and well done. I just don’t see it being realistic for me being a uni student.

Single life temptation

I’ve been single for most of my uni life and have loved it. I don’t want something serious at this age and I’m cool with that, but if things move to the next stages of online dating and you have met someone great it is then like, wait I can’t use my dating apps anymore? Where is the line drawn? At this point in my life I am not looking for anything serious but dating apps have kind of become an obsessions and I can’t help but swipe.

I get that dating in real life can have these issues as well but online dating has never really given me all that much in terms of dating, and I’ve probably wasted too many hours of my life on Tinder and HER, getting very little out of it. Because of that I have decided to delete my profiles. I am sure I will re-download them one day in the future, but for now I’m done with them. I mean, I’m gonna be realistic here, I probably will re-download the apps when I’m feeling lonely again, but for now, I’m bored of it all.

What are the issues that you face with online dating and have you ever wanted to delete the apps or have deleted them like I have?

Lois x

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14 thoughts on “Why I have deleted all dating apps from my phone

  1. I’ve never had or used any online dating apps, I’ve thought of it but my nerves kick in and I just don’t do it! So I can’t really say what’s it’s been like for me personally hahah I know my friends have dating apps and they hardly use them anymore, and for a lot of reasons that you’ve listed! Especially the gross messaging :/ I saw what my friend was getting and I’m like “girl no way!” ah the single life tho hahahaha Em xx



  2. These are basically all of the things I always hated about dating apps. Do people really ever have success with those sappy messages or ridiculous booty calls?!? There has to be a better way than swiping left and right till you finally find the needle in the haystack!


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    1. It’s surprising in that people can have success with messages like those, however I don’t have this, I just don’t like those kind of messages. I prefer real life interactions if I am honest x


  3. I’ve never used it, and although I know lots of people who have benefitted from online dating, I find it less ‘organic’. I would rather be friends first and then develop a relationship over time 🙂 xx



  4. I always feel a bit weird because I don’t go to dating apps to look for relationships? I just want to find some people that I can chat with comfortably. It’s easy, for me at least, to find people who are poly and respect that despite being poly, I’m Ace as well. So I end up using them (well, just one. I think OkCupid is a lot better than a lot of the other apps) just to meet dope people.

    That said, I totally understand why you’re over them. All of these reasons/problems are normalcies in the online dating world. I’m glad that you feel more comfortable just putting yourself out, though. That’s super dope.

    mchi | mchiouji — http://blog.mchiouji.me

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  5. The only time I’ve ever had a dating app on my phone was to either screenshot and use them as the butt of a joke in a group chat or to find out who’s being sneaky behind their partners backs. I don’t think I could ever use one seriously – they’re so impersonal and I totally agree with every one of yours points! “Wanna come over? ;)” not unless you plan on spending the night watching crime documentaries and eating crap food to then call it a night. Great post, a very refreshing read!


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    1. Definitely! Whenever I am on the apps it’s just to pass time. Some of the conversations are not great! And if people aren’t interested in meeting then I’m not interesting in talking, a waste of time!


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