6 tips for starting a long distance relationship

If you saw my excitement of a new partner post, this might be a bit of a giveaway that I am currently in a relationship. I'm not going to be one to blast on social media about it because I can be quite private about that and like to keep my blogging life and social life [...]

4 Tips for Organising a Journey

I’m currently writing this post on the train, returning back home for a weekend from University. It is the last week of Easter and I am heading back for the London Marathon as I am working on it this year, filming. If you have seen my previous post, anxiety and travel you will know that I am [...]

Getting my eating habits back on track

I am usually a health nut and eat fruit and veg every day, cook most of my meals and eat really well. However, for a while I have been gaining weight. I spoke about binge eating in my alcohol break and I haven't really gotten out of this bad habit and it has been about three [...]

Life update #6 | Student Struggles

At the moment it is currently the Easter break. It couldn't have come at a worst time. I have three weeks off when it is the most vital time of this year for me to be working. My schedule is completely thrown off because I don't need to be in any lectures and/or seminars and [...]

The excitement of a new Partner

If you have read some of my other relationship posts, you will know that I am single as fuck and have forgotten how to date. Whenever anything comes along it is always a little exciting yet terrifying at the same time - I don't know if many others can relate? I have a love/hate beat [...]

What I wish I knew about Blogging

I have fallen in love with blogging. I have been doing it for a few months now and have really enjoyed my content -on my blog and my social media accounts. I do wish that I knew a lot more about blogging than I did before setting up this little corner of mine on the [...]

My love/hate relationship with dating apps

Online Dating, I love to hate it. How do most people find partners nowadays? I know that a lot of people meet online in contemporary society. How do people do the whole dating thing in person? I certainly don't know how to. This is why I do the tedious job of swiping left or right [...]

March favourites and April goals

I never really go out of my comfort zone and try loads of new things, however this year I have really branched out and found loads of new products that I am loving. I never used to be a girly girl, I was a huge tomboy and never really wore makeup until I was about [...]

Am I pretty enough?

As I write this I am in bed in my pyjamas, hair swept up in a ponytail, no makeup with a cup of green tea scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin and getting my evening dose of blogging content. As I did the obligatory scrolling of my news feed I began to feel a little [...]

How to have a cosy night in

As I am writing this I am sitting with a face mask on, have freshly painted nails and a scented candle lit, tucked up in bed with fairy lights on! I try to put aside one evening a week, sometimes two when I really need a cosy night in and a relaxing evening for myself. [...]